The Best Anime With Adult Protagonists, Ranked

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If you are in the 18+ age group, finding an anime show that doesn't revolve around high school or the trials of adolescence can be remarkably difficult. Anime with adult protagonists might be a comparatively smaller category, but they boast some unique and compelling storylines that are far from cliché. Popular series with adult main characters include Gangsta, Yuri!!! on Ice, and One-Punch Man.

Every series in this list features a protagonist that is at least 18-years-old, though there is no guarantee that all of these characters act their age. (It is important to mention that Erased presents a bit of an exception to this distinction, however this won’t be detailed so as not to spoil the story.) Here you will find a collection of heroes and heroines that include, but are not limited to: middle-aged men, college students, civil servant employees, superheroes, wayward artists, legendary warriors, and mad scientists. No matter stage you are at in life, these anime shows are worth checking out!

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