The 15 Best Anime Gamer Girls, Ranked

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Are you a gamer girl who also loves anime? Or are you a person of any gender who appreciates watching ladies get their game on? If you answer yes to either of these questions, there are some hardcore anime gamer girls we'd like to bring to your attention. 

Some female anime gamers game the way most people do in the real world - they go to school or work, and game as a hobby. Other gamer girls in anime have a slightly more intense connection with their hobbies - for example, Shiro from No Game No Life literally got transported to a game-like world because she loves gaming so much. Some, like Karen Tendo from Gamers!, are extroverts who easily make friends outside of gaming, while others like Kou Sakuragi from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku are more introverted and use gaming as emotional support. 

Whatever role gaming plays in their lives, these characters are a blast to watch.

Photo: Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki / Project No.9

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    Karen Tendo - 'Gamers!'

    Karen Tendo - 'Gamers!'
    Photo: Gamers! / Pine Jam

    As the president of her high school's Gamers Club, Karen Tendo is enthusiastic about her chosen hobby. Popular, athletic, and studious, she's not exactly a stereotypical gamer, but she takes both gaming itself and her club quite seriously. 

    The only thing she gets more enthusiastic about is Keita, who she has a huge crush on and is desperately trying to recruit to join her club.

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    Anzu Hoshino - 'Romantic Killer'

    Anzu Hoshino - 'Romantic Killer'
    Photo: Romantic Killer / domerica

    For Anzu Hoshino, the most important things in life are gaming, chocolate, and her pet cat. She would much rather play dating games than actually date somebody, but sadly for her, a weird little wizard named Riri has other ideas. Riri forces her to live out a romantic video game harem storyline in real life. 

    While this might end up leading her to the man of her dreams, it also means that she has to deal with some seriously annoying experiences. To make matters worse, she doesn't even get to play her beloved games, because Riri considers them a distraction. 

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    Shiro - 'No Game No Life'

    Shiro - 'No Game No Life'
    Photo: No Game No Life / Madhouse

    Shiro and her brother Sora form a gaming duo called Blank. While Sora is more gregarious and emotional, Shiro is brilliant and logical, but has trouble understanding human emotions. The two never lose, but they're emotionally dependent on each other and largely incapable of meeting the requirements of regular society.

    When they're transported to Disboard, they're a lot more successful, because everything that happens there is determined by the outcome of games.

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  • Asuna Yuuki - 'Sword Art Online'
    Photo: Sword Art Online / A-1 Pictures

    Asuna loves gaming so much that she not only participated in an experimental VRMMORPG that connects her nervous system to the game, she also kept playing these sorts of games after being trapped inside of one. 

    Seriously, the girl was in a coma for months, and during that time she was nearly married off to one of the creepiest men imaginable. Oh, and she nearly lost her life. It takes some major love for gaming to willingly jump back into that world after such terrible experiences.

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    Futaba Sakura - 'Persona 5'

    Futaba Sakura - 'Persona 5'
    Photo: Persona 5 / CloverWorks

    Futaba Sakura loves gaming and is a talented hacker, but sadly for her this all comes with some serious baggage. She doesn't just do this stuff for fun - she does it at the exclusion of pretty much everything else because she's too depressed and anxious to leave her room. Her precarious mental state was caused by the trauma of her mother's untimely demise.

    It takes getting involved with the Phantom Thieves to heal enough to leave her room - but even once she's out and about, she still likes gaming.

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    Moriko Morioka - 'Recovery Of An MMO Junkie'

    Moriko Morioka - 'Recovery Of An MMO Junkie'
    Photo: Recovery of an MMO Junkie / Signal.MD

    After getting depressed and quitting her intense corporate job, 30-year-old Moriko Morioka decides to spend all of her free time playing an MMO game called Fruits De Mer. Hoping to fully escape into the game and divorce it from her lackluster life, she makes a male character and ends up flirting heavily with a female character. This character turns out to be played by a guy she encounters in real life, and the two eventually start a romance. 

    While we hope falling in love helps Moriko to engage more with the real world, we also hope she doesn't totally chuck her gaming habit.

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