The Best Anime Video Games Of All Time

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To date there have been thousands of video games based off of anime, but which ones are actually worth playing? Since there are so many bad ones, we've decided to rank the best anime video games of all time, with the help of votes from gamers like you. This list is very subjective since people tend to like games based on the anime they like the most, but I think a lot of us can agree as gamers that some of these games are simply more fun to play than others. What is the best anime game of all time? We've included most of the DBZ, Nartuo and One Piece games, but there are a lot of games outside of those series that are definitely worth playing. All genres are included on this list, including platformers, fighting games, RPGs and more. Both old and new games are here as well, so the consoles you can play these on range from the Game Boy Advance to current-gen consoles like PS4. Cast your votes for your favorite anime game below, and add a game to the list if it's not already here!
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