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The 15 Best Anime Horror Games You Should Be Playing

Updated 24 Jan 2019 1.5k votes 451 voters 16.5k views15 items

List RulesAny scary anime game or anime-adjacent horror game.

What anime fan doesn't enjoy good scare every now and again? Anything from haunted houses to scary movies can take you from your comfort zone and splash you right into the center of a thrilling adventure you may not survive. Anime horror games give you a little bit of both; the experience of putting yourself in a supernatural experience while also being able to comfortably stay at home and watch what happens to your character.

There are plenty of great anime horror video games out there, including the popular Doki Doki Literature Club! This visual novel might seem innocent at first, but you'll soon understand why it's one of the most popular anime horror games of all time. Typically, anime series and manga aren’t really afraid to get too graphic or too scary, which makes the games that much more disturbing. Let's rank the best anime-style horror games that you should definitely be playing. Are you strong enough to survive?

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