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The 13 Best Anime Like 'Interspecies Reviewers'

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Interspecies Reviewers is a raunchy show that follows a human named Stunk and an elf named Zel as they visit brothels run by different species with the intention of answering one important question: which species has the best women? Because Funimation dropped Interspecies Reviewers, there's a good chance that you won't be able to finish or even start the controversial series. But don't worry - there are plenty of other anime like Interspecies Reviewers out there that can fill the void.

One great choice is Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls, a show that's basically Interspecies Reviewers in reverse. There's also High School DXD, a fun, fanservicey show about demons and angels. If you loved the idea of different species being compared to each other but don't love the fanservice, there's A Centaur's Life - but most of these similar shows do involve heavy T&A, as that's what attracts most people to Interspecies Reviewers.

Which Interspecies Reviewers anime recommendations do you like the best? Do your fellow fans a solid and help guide them to their next great watch. 

  • Omamori Himari
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    Yuuto Amakawa is the descendent of a family of demon slayers, but he himself just wants to live an ordinary life. That proves impossible when various demons and ayakashi - all of which are cute girls - appear at his door to get revenge for the violence committed by his ancestors. Himari, a swords woman with cat ears, decides to protect him from what would surely be a grisly fate. There's just one problem: Yuuto is allergic to cats, which makes being around Himari super difficult. 

    Like Interspecies Reviewers, this series focuses on a human's dealings with supernatural species, in a sexually charged way. 

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  • Prison School
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    When all-girls school Hachimitsu Private Academy gets its first male students, those students end up acting out almost immediately when they can't integrate in the social milieu. Their lascivious behavior gets them locked up in the school prison, where they're at the mercy of sadistic female guards. It's by turns hilarious, hot, and disturbing, a heady mix that ought to appeal to fans of Interspecies Reviewers. 

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  • Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
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    After Mamori Tokonome is kidnaped to the remote island of Mermaid, she discovers that she's an Exter - a person who can transform into a weapon whenever she's sufficiently aroused. With a plot like that, you can bet that there's going to be a major focus on the arousal part - in this case it's mostly at the hands of the daring Mirei Shikishima. If you love the idea behind Interspecies Reviewers but wish it had a heavier focus on lesbians who are also swords, this show is for you.

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  • Looking to watch something that's just as raunchy as Interspecies Reviewers but don't need the whole fantasy aspect to get you going? Try Green Green, a show about an all girls school and an all boys school that decide to merge for the psychological health of the students. As one might expect, the boys absolutely lose their minds, especially when one of the girls launches herself at one of the boys the first time they meet. The students get up to exactly the hijinks one would expect, but there are some surprises, too. 

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