The 100+ Best Anime Intros Of All Time

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Awesome anime intros are often just as important as the series themselves. All those visual cues help viewers remember where the show is in terms of character development and storyline. This means a lot of anime intros change from season to season - not just visually, but musically, too.

But what makes a good anime intro? Is it the songs? The visuals? Perhaps the perfect intro is a reflection of the feeling you get from watching the show. It's almost impossible to say that one single anime intro is the best of all time, but one of these openings has to be #1. Vote below on this comprehensive of anime intros, including everything from Naruto and One Piece to Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop.

Don't forget, you can add your favorite intro to this list if it isn't already here! Although there are more than 150 choices below, that obviously isn't everything, so please add any good anime intros that might have been forgotten.

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