The 13 Best Anime Like Accel World

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The best anime are the ones who know how to connect with its viewers, no matter how wacky their premise may be. That's how it feels when watching Accel World, the 2010 anime about a young overweight boy named Haruyuki "Haru" Arita, who's bullied at school for his weight. It's a scenario that anime fans can relate to, along with Haru using video games as a way to escape his pain. When the most beautiful girl in school, Kuroyukihime, asks for his help in winning an unimaginable virtual reality game, Haru embarks on a quest that will forever change his life. Sure, it's wish fulfillment, but one of sincerity. Everyone had a moment where they wished someone offered them a hand, and for Haru, the moment finally came.

Accel World is an amazing anime that analyzes human attachment with video games with real-life relationships. While Accel World may seem like a rarity, there are actually more anime out that explore similar topics in different ways. Not convinced? Take a look at the 13 best anime like Accel World and see for yourself.

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    No Game No Life, much like Accel World, is driven by the outcome of a game. Bored of their everyday lives, siblings Shiro and Sora find themselves in a mysterious world dominated by a game of wit. Despite their odd surrounding, the two siblings start taking over their new home with every victory they achieve.

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    Overlord bears a strong resemblance to Accel World in setting and character. Similar to Accel World's Haru, Momonga from Overlord uses the video game world of Yggdrasil to escape from his mundane life. When Momonga is trapped in the online game as his powerful wizard character, however, he uses this opportunity to rule over his guild and the NPCs that have now come to life.

  • It's impossible not to recommend Sword Art Online to anyone that loved Accel World, considering how similar the two are. Sword Art Online and Accel World both focus on online virtual reality games, but the former portrays its fantasy game as a death trap for players. Similar to Accel World's loving relationship between Haru and Kuroyukihime, the relationship between Kirito and Asuna drive Sword Art Online forward.

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    Anyone looking for a more in-depth video game world after Accel World will be thrilled with Log Horizon. Both shows focus on virtual reality games that offers the users the avatars of their dreams, but Log Horizon traps its online users in the same vein as Sword Art Online. While Accel World received criticism for its limited understanding of virtual reality, Log Horizon stays true to the MMORPGs that it's based on.

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    Video games and reality become one in GATE. Second Lieutenant Yōji Itami's secret life as an otaku finally pays off, when a mysterious gate opens up and unleashes a horde of fantasy inspired monsters on Earth. GATE plays with the same video game themes as Accel World, while commentating on the political and military actions of real life.

  • Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is quite similar to Haru from Accel World. He was a forgettable gamer until he was transported to a video game-like fantasy world. While he lacks the power of Haru's video game avatar, he is able to cheat death by rewinding time, whenever he's with Emilia, a mysterious half-elf girl who possess great powers.