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The Best Anime Like Amnesia

Based on the Japanese visual novel series of the same name, the 12-part anime Amnesia centers on a heroine who loses her memories in a fire and drowning episode. Intrigued? If you love this anime's plot, there are a number of other anime like Amnesia that will satisfy you in the same way. The following list ranks the best anime like Amnesia, with the order determined by the votes of anime fans like you.

Diabolik Lovers is an often recommended anime similar to Amnesia as it combines drama, mystery, and romance. Diabolik Lovers was also based on a popular visual novel series franchise, so the two series also have that in common. Other anime similar to Amnesia include Uto no Prince-sama, Brothers Conflict, and Dance with Devils. Still more anime titles that recall 2013's Amnesia include Steins;Gate, When They Cry - Higurashi, and the Shingo Suzuki-directed anime K Project.

By voting up or down these similar anime works to Amnesia, you'll help your fellow anime fans know what titles to check out first. Also, if you have a recommendation for an anime like Amnesia that you don't yet see listed, feel free to add it yourself and keep the list growing!