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The Best Anime Like Another

Everybody loves a good ghost story, which is why so many fans are looking for anime similar to Another. What makes Another so appealing is that it's an embodiment of all those horrifying ghost stories you heard around the campfire, while weaving it around a captivating mystery about Mei Misaki, the girl that "does not exist." It's a must-see for anime horror fans. If you've already seen Another and want recommendations for what to watch next, we've got you covered!

While it may seem like there will never be "another" anime like Another, there are actually a healthy selection of recommendations out there that fans should check out. The best anime like Another succeed in scaring the audience, while delivering an engaging story about everyday people. Take a look at the list of series below and vote up the ones you think fellow fans will also enjoy.

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    The Future Diary contains the same horror elements of Another, in its story of a teenaged boy thrown in a battle royale environment, with only a magical phone that can predict the future as his tool for survival. What really gives The Future Diary its psychological edge is Yuno Gasai, the love interest/stalker of protagonist Yukiteru Amano. Yuno's abusive background is sympathetic, yet the extremes she goes to protect her idolized hero, Yukiteru, from what she perceives as harm is beyond scary.

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  • When They Cry and Another have similar setups. Both feature a main male character transferring to a new school and encountering the mysteries of his new home. There's explicit violence in both series, but When They Cry deceives its audiences with occasional slice-of-life moments and cutesy character designs, before diving headfirst into nightmare fuel. 

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  • Corpse Party: Tortured Souls takes haunted school settings to the extreme. The high school students of Another may be damned, but Corpse Party: Tortured Souls takes its cast to Hell and back with its haunting imagery of death. If you thought Another was too soft for a horror anime, Corpse Party will easily fill that horrific void. 

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    Just like Another, Shiki shares the same premise of an outsider encountering deadly mysteries surrounding a young girl in his new home. What's different is that instead of a high school setting, the location is a small rural village of Sotoba. The rural setting may seem primitive, but the supernatural threats that haunt the village in Shiki are larger than life.

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