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The Best Anime Like Beelzebub

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It's not everyday you get to sit down and watch an anime about the spawn of Satan, but Beelzebub is not your everyday anime. A high school delinquent raising the son of the Demon Lord is such a crazy premise, yet, the anime knows exactly how to make it work. Delivering amusing slapstick comedy and top-notch action, along with some touching moments between Tatsumi Oga and Baby Be'el, Beelzebub was a great demon anime.

Beelzebub was an incredibly fun ride, but where do anime fans go for another round? Not to worry. As hard as it may seem, there are actually more anime like Beelzebub waiting to be binge-watched. Some similar anime play around with the underworld folklore for amusing results, while others explore other unlikely angles of fatherhood with mismatched characters. If you need another anime that's similar to Beelzebub, then give these a try.