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The Best Anime Like Berserk

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Looking for anime recommendations for what to watch after Berserk? It's rare to find a piece of mature entertainment that remains shocking and engaging after multiple decades, but Berserk does just that. Ever since its 1989 release, Berserk continues to be an excellent action series that pits "The Black Swordsman" Guts against a hellish world. Even with the series' infamous hiatuses, the Berserk fandom remains an active, and patient, community. For that reason, let's take a look at anime similar to Berserk, and rank them with the help of your votes.

If you're a Berserk fan who doesn't know what to do with him or herself during the constant breaks, why not try some of the shows on this list? One good anime like Berserk is Claymore, which also follows a powerful swordsman and her comrades as they fight against a world of demons. Other good anime like Berserk include Ninja Scroll, Devilman Crybaby, and Fist of the North Star.

The following Berserk recommendations embody the series' dark atmosphere, gruesome violence, and captivating characters. If you've seen any of the similar series below, be sure to vote up your favorites so fellow fans know what to watch next.

  • In contrast, Akame ga Kill! has more comedic and lighthearted moments than Berserk. Nonetheless, Akame ga Kill! retains the same dark atmosphere with its story about a rag-tag team of mercenaries trying to overthrow a dictatorship government. While not explicitly gory as BerserkAkame ga Kill! does feature shocking scenes of violence, such as innocent bystanders being crucified or resistant fighters being beheaded and having their freshly cut heads put on display for the public. 

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    Older anime fans looking for a mature and thought-provoking story like Berserk will feel right at home with Monster. While lacking the brute force of Berserk, Monster more than makes up for it with its psychological tale of a murderous man raised as the next Adolf Hitler, and the doctor who, regrettably, saved his life. Despite their clear differences, the two series both explore the ugliness of humanity.

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    As an older-skewing anime series made in the late 90s, Bastard!! has a lot in common with Berserk. Both take place in a gritty fantasy world filled with over-the-top violence and hellish imagery. There is a slight difference in Bastard!!, as the series takes place in a world that has forsaken technology for black magic. It sets the stage for corrupted sorcerers trying to reshape the world in their image, and the monstrous Dark Schneider who must show them the "error of their ways." 

    • Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade examines its strong, but broken, protagonist in the same haunting light as Berserk. Both Guts and Kazuki Fuss of the The Wolf Brigade have experienced hell through war; witnessing horrible images no man was ever meant to see. Kazuki's greatest challenge isn't slaying a demon, but reigniting his passion for life. Even though Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is light on action, Berserk fans will appreciate the mature character-driven story. 

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