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The Best Anime Like Beyblade

Did you know that the Madhouse-produced anime Beyblade was based on a manga conceived to promote spinning tops known as "Beyblades"? For those who might be newly discovering Beyblade, there are many similar anime that can satisfy you in the same way. This list ranks the best anime similar to Beyblade, with the order determined by anime fans like you.

Another competition-style anime similar to Beyblade is Yu-Gi-Oh!, a 2000 anime series that centers on solving the ancient Millennium Puzzle. There's also Crush Gear Turbo and Cardfight!! Vanguard. Still more anime like Beyblade include Medabots, Gundam Build Fighters, Super YoYo, and the series where you "gotta catch 'em all," Pokémon.

By voting up or down these anime titles like Beyblade, you'll be helping your fellow anime fans known which titles to check out first for their Beyblade fix. Also, there might be a title or two missing and if so, feel free to add the Beyblade rec yourself and keep the list growing!