The Best Anime Like Black Cat
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The Best Anime Like Black Cat

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In Black Cat, the story revolves around former assassin Train Heartnet and his new life as a Sweeper (or bounty hunter.) For fans of Black Cat new and old, what other anime like Black Cat can satisfy you in the same way? Since there are quite a few solid recommendations, this list ranks the best anime like Black Cat, with the order determined by anime fans like you.

To become a bounty hunter, Train leaves a powerful, elite group known as Chronos Numbers. Similarly, in the supernatural anime Darker than Black, the story centers on a behind-the -scenes organization called the Syndicate as it works to unlock Hell's Gate. For more sci-fi thrills like those found in Black Cat, check out GetBackers and the 24-episode anime Chrono Crusade. Still more anime recommendations to watch after Black Cat include Trigun, Zombie-Loan, and Black Lagoon.

By voting up or down these anime like Black Cat, you'll be helping your fellow anime fans know which thriller to check out first or next. Also, if you find an anime similar to Black Cat that's not yet on the list, feel free to add it yourself and keep the list growing!

Most divisive: Full Metal Panic!