The Best Anime Like Black Rock Shooter

If you're looking for similar anime to Black Rock Shooter, there are a number of titles to choose from. The following list ranks anime recommendations for Black Rock Shooter, with the order determined by votes from anime fans like you.

For example, there's Puella Magi Modka Magica, a 2011 anime that follows a group of schoolgirls who venture to become magical girls and fight against witches. Also similar to Black Rock Shooter are the anime Dream Eater Merry and Accel World. Still other anime titles comparable to the drama and fantasy found in Black Rock Shooter are True Tears, Symphogear, and Kill la Kill, which also centers on a schoolgirl, Ryuko Matoi, who takes on conflicts while searching for her father.

By voting up or down these anime like Black Rock Shooter, you'll help fellow anime fans know where to start their binge-watching next. And, if you find a title missing from the list, feel free to add it yourself and keep the Black Rock Shooter list growing!

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