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The Best Anime Like Cells At Work

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Want to find more anime like Cells at Work? There are very few anime out there that actually educational, but this series comes close. Cells at Work! is a creative series that shows how the human body works from the perspective of cells; particularly with leading characters Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell. As we learn about the many different kinds of cells and their particular roles inside our own bodies, we get to see the world of our physicality made into an exciting anime filled with superhuman creatures that fight off deadly outsiders and deal with some of the damages bodies endure. 

There have actually been anime like Cells at Work! before; shows like Once Upon a Time... Life taught anime lovers all about the wonders of the human body long before this show was even thought of. Meanwhile, series such as One Punch Man that have absolutely nothing to do with the body or education unless you count Saitama's formula to becoming a superhero, have very similar action scenes with humor that's guaranteed to have you laughing. We have plenty of Cells at Work! recommendations that are sure to keep you entertained long after you've finished the series. 

Here are the best recommendations for what you should be watching after Cells at Work!! Vote up for your favorite series you'd most recommend to other fans of Cells at Work.