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The 13 Best Anime Like Charlotte

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Charlotte is one of those anime series that goes from zero to a hundred real fast. Following the tale of students with incredible powers, you can only imagine what kind of trouble everyone will get into. After all, how is the world supposed to know there are children out there with such immense power? But no matter what, you’ll never see the end coming; without giving spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, we’ll tell you that it’s quite the twist.

If you’re one of the fans that have already watched this show, you probably want something else that will fill your supernatural needs. Whether you’re looking for the blatant oddities in the world or for just exceptional high school students, these are some of the series you should definitely consider adding to your watchlist for a good binge-watching session!

  • Charlotte has a lot of time traveling aspects thrown in it due to the supernatural nature of each character's power. If this is partially what drew you into the series in the first place, we have another series you'll love to watch. Naho Takamiya recieves a letter from herself, 10 years in the future. In the letter, she asks herself to change different events that lead up to a huge regret; something that seems to revolve around the new transfer student, Kakeru Naruse. Together with her friends, they may be able to change the past

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    • Charlotte did have some tear-jerking moments, but it'll be nothing compared to Clannad if you choose to watch this next. Feeling like he'll never amount to anything special, Tomoya Okazaki decides he'll waste away his days doing nothing. That is until he meets Nagisa Furukawa, a girl that proclaims them friends randomly. Even though he tried to shrug her off, Tomoya starts to notice her more and more, finally giving in. Learning more about her and the other girls he meets, he slowly begins to feel a sense of purpose again. Charlotte couldn't take you on as intense of a feels trip as this. 

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      • When Sakurakouji Sakura sees people being burned alive by a blue flame and a boy her age standing, unaffected, over them, she's incredibly spooked. Going back the next day, however, she finds that there's nothing there except for a small fire. The boy, on the other hand, seems to have transferred into her class. Oogami Rei is a Code Breaker that technically does not exist; his code is to fight evil with evil no matter the cost. Sakurakouji decides she will try to change his mind about killing no matter what. 

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        • An "Apocalypse Virus" has broken out, leaving ten years of the future tainted and lost. Now Japan is under the control of independent military force, GHQ, dedicated to restoring order. Against them is the freedom fighter group, Funeral Parlor, who hopes to take down their rule. Dragged into this war for his incredible power, Inori Yuzuriha must take a stand in order to take back Japan. Much like Charlotte, this show has a lot to offer in terms of storyline and action. With tons of fight scenes that include various powers, you'll love this show. 

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