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The Best Anime Like Code Geass

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Code Geass is one of the most binge-worthy anime series out there. It has the perfect combination of both political strife, war strategy, and supernatural ability to provide a balanced storyline worth anyone’s time. It’s also incredibly interesting because we get to watch a lead character that seems genuinely good at the start of the anime slowly begin to make more questionable decisions over time. The idea that a lead character always has to be a good guy is a tad overrated, wouldn’t you agree?

Lelouch is a great character with an interesting background story that will always make you feel something for him. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Guilty Crown, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, are anime that have complex main characters. It can be difficult to find valuable leading characters with this kind of complexity in their makeup. And no good thing can last forever, so if you’ve already finished watching Code Geass, you may want to go further down the rabbit hole. We’ve found 13 different series that should help fill the void that this anime left behind.

  • There's not a single fan of anime out there that does not know about Death Note. However, if you're new, you'll probably want to watch this classic series just to have it under your belt; Code Geass fan or not! Light Yagami has found a very powerful tool; a notebook known as the Death Note. This is the book that a shinigami, or god of death, uses when they desire to kill a person. All you have to do is write a name down in the book. Now that he has access to such a weapon, Light begins a crusade to end all crime in the world around him. Taking out criminals left and right, the power begins to go to his head and a god complex is sure to follow. What's interesting about this series, and has a parallel to elements in Code Geass, is that it combines the regular world and means of justice with the kind of "justice" that can come from the realm of the supernatural. It also has a lead character who's particular motives become more and more questionable as time goes on. 

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    • If you've been in the anime scene for a while, you've probably already heard of this show; it's famous as far as anime series go! But if you need a refresher, here it is; Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse have made some extremely grave mistakes in their lives. After a failed transmutation to bring back their departed mother helps Edward lose limbs and his brother's entire body, the two have learned some valuable lessons about alchemy and how to not abuse it. Years later, they've become state alchemists in hopes of gaining rare access to information and, in turn, find the Philosopher's Stone. With such incredible power, they would be able to restore their bodies back once and for all. There's an interesting political dynamic that goes on in both versions of Fullmetal Alchemist, but Brotherhood is notoriously better and more true to the original manga series. Much like Code Geass, these two young men are looking to not only make a difference in their lives but perhaps even in the world around them. 

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      • Yuu Otosaka has a very interesting power that no one can see. For five seconds, he can control the mind and body of whoever he desires. This is how Yuu has maintained such a well-kept life, such as getting good grades and getting into a well-known school. However, he's not able to fool everyone into thinking he's naturally perfect; a strange girl named Nao Tomori has caught onto his methods and pushes him to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy. At this school, almost every student has some kind of supernatural ability. Now a part of the student council at his new school, Yuu begins to realize that there is more going on than meets the eye. Charlotte has a lot of huge twists and turns, not to mention its supernatural elements among high school students. If you liked these elements in Code Geass, you'll love them in this show! 

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        • Sora and Shiro are complete NEET siblings who find the real world boring. Games have been their only solace in such a dismal life, but things are about to change drastically. After receiving a strange email and playing a game of online chess, the two are transported to a new world where they meet the God of Games, Tet. In this new world, all conflicts are resolved by playing games. Now Shiro and Sora are determined to continue playing games in order to unite all sixteen races of Disboard in order to defeat Tet and become the new gods of gaming. The thing that connects No Game No Life to Code Geass is the simple act of strategy; this series is known for having amazing strategies that help the lead characters win constantly. It's always enjoyable to watch a lead character really think out every last step, much like Lelouch. 

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