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The Best Anime Like Cross Game

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Need more anime like Cross Game? With sports anime series gaining more and more of a following each season, it's always fun to revisit older series and endulge in shows about teamwork that will warm, or even break, anyone's heart. Cross Game is certainly one of those series that will always stick with us. Kou has always wanted to be as good of a pitcher as Aoba, the girl he grew up next to. Her natural abilities are sure to be envied, but what he doesn't realize is just how jealous she always is for him hanging around her older sister more often than herself. Like many other sports anime, this show is all about friendship and learning to grow. 

Shows like Major S3 or Big Windup! are obvious anime like Cross Game, since they're both about the joys of baseball and what it means to improve your game. However, there are plenty of other series that make great Cross Game recommendations. Shows like Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, are excellent to watch not only because it's going to make you ball your eyes out, but also because it has an incredible tale about friendship and loyalty. 

If you need recommendations after watching Cross Game, we've got you covered. Here are the perfect anime series like Cross Game that will really get your blood pumping and emotions flowing!