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The 13 Best Anime Like Deadman Wonderland

If you've completed the series and are looking for another anime similar to Deadman Wonderland, you've come to the right place. You can find plenty of great recommendations for Deadman Wonderland on this list, each with a quick comparison that explains the similarities. If you've seen any of the shows listed, be sure to cast votes accordingly so fellow fans know which anime they should tune into next after watching Deadman Wonderland!

Deadman Wonderland is a twisted, yet engrossing anime series about a deranged prison in a messed-up society. The inmates of Deadman Wonderland Penitentiary must perform in deadly and humiliating games, all for the amusement of the public. It's a shocking, but thought-provoking piece of entertainment that's hard to look away from. Unfortunately, the Deadman Wonderland anime is shortlived. However, there are great anime like Deadman Wonderland that fans should definitely check out, including Btooom!, Elfin Lied, and Future Diary.

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    Future Diary
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    The Future Diary shares many of the same elements as Deadman Wonderland. Both series star a young protagonist who is taken away from the normal (and safe) life and thrown into a death hazard, but is given a unique power to help them survive. In the case of The Future Diary, high school student Yukiteru Amano is thrown into a real-life battle royale game and must survive by using his cell phone that can predict the future. 

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    Tokyo Ghoul
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    Tokyo Ghoul, the mature shonen action series, shares the same hostile atmosphere of Deadman Wonderland. The supernatural conflict between humans and ghouls is no different from what the prisoners of Deadman Wonderland live through in their dog-eat-dog world. Additionally, the cast from both shows aren't easily characterized as black and white. 

  • The hero of Parasyte: The Maxim, Shinichi Izumi, is in a similar situation as Ganta from Deadman Wonderland in that they're thrust into a horrific situation neither want to be in. In Shinichi's case, it's an alien invasion hellbent on devouring the human race. One of the aliens failed to take over his body, resulting in a forced partnership where they must work together to avoid death by the other invaders.

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    Another mature anime series that fans of Deadman Wonderland are certain to love is Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied is equally shocking in its depiction of carnage, as it tells its story of a powerful, yet mentally unstable test experiment named Lucy. Unlike Ganta, Lucy does commit horrible murders, but her determination for redemption is one worth watching. 

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    Just like Deadman Wonderland, Btooom! is another anime series that throws its young cast into a deadly game of survival. In Btooom!, a popular online survival game has come to life and is subjecting its best players to a horrific reenactment on a mysterious island. There's no game over here. You die in Btooom, you die in real life.

  • Danganronpa The Animation
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    Danganronpa: The Animation offers the same survival game premise as Deadman Wonderland, but with new twists and a wackier atmosphere. If the students of Hope's Peak Academy ever wish to graduate and regain their freedom, they must eliminate each other without raising suspicion. If a student is caught in the act, then he or she will be executed, as deemed by the twisted teddy bear principal named Monokuma.