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The 13 Best Anime Like Domestic Girlfriend

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Looking for more anime like Domestic Girlfriend? There’s something about forbidden love and coming of age stories that just get to people. For most, they’re a type of guilty pleasure. Domestic Girlfriend is definitely one of those anime series that plays with both genres as we follow the story of Natsuo Fujii and his love for an older woman named Hina. The problem? She’s his teacher. In an attempt to get rid of his feelings, he sleeps with a young girl named Rui, who feels nothing for him. To make things worse, he’s just found out that his father is remarrying, and his stepsisters are both Hina and Rui. Talk about awkward.

Good anime similar to Domestic Girlfriend include series like Gotoubun no HanayomeSchool Days, and Love And Lies, a show about teenagers who are matched romantically by the government. This anime certainly isn’t the first of its kind to play on certain emotions and pivotal periods in a young person’s life. Vote up the best Domestic Girlfriend recommendations on the list below to give other fans of the show an idea of what to watch next!

  • Certainly more humorous and not nearly as scandalous, you've probably already heard of the popular harem anime, Nisekoi. While themes of young love and complex love triangles are present as the main plot of the anime, much like it is for Domestic Girlfriend, this anime is far more light-hearted and sure to make you laugh. Raku Ichijou looks like your average high school boy, but he's actually the sole heir to his yakuza family. While he wants nothing to do with this, he also has to pretend to be in a relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki, the beautiful daughter of a rival gang, in order to maintain peace. While all of this is going on, Chitoge is also looking for his childhood friend, with whom he made a promise with and also holds the key to his locket. 

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  • Eita Kidou is suspicious of love after seeing how infidelity tore his family apart. Due to his parent's troubles in their marriage, Eita is determined never to fall in love or get involved with romance. Unfortunately, the beautiful Masuzu Natsukawa has noticed his lack of interest and blackmails him into being her boyfriend. Her reasoning is that she hates the idea of love and tires of being a desired object among people. Having a boyfriend who's not interested in such things would be the perfect fit. This anime certainly has an unconventional love, much like in Domestic Girlfriend

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    Toradora! is exceptionally innocent when compared to Domestic Girlfriend, but there is a reason why it's on this list! Mainly because the love triangle is complex and gets even more tied together when different emotions are felt between the characters. As one of the classic and popular webbed love stories, Toradora! follows the story of Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka; two dangerous-looking teens who have a common problem when it comes to love. Both of them realize that the other has a crush on their respective best friends. Naturally, they team up to help the other get together with their crushes. But things can't really be that easy, can they? 

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    An NTR anime, Citrus had quite the following when it came out. Another twisted and heartbreaking story about falling in love with someone you really shouldn't, this anime follows the story of Yuzu Aihara after her mother has remarried. Having to uproot her entire life to start again at an all-girls academy, Yuzu takes the news well and decides to make the best of it. She looks forward to meeting her new family and making new friends at school, but it looks like it won't be that easy. The class president seems to have it out for her and she's treated like a delinquent for her looks. Things get even worse when she realizes that the school president, Mei, is also going to be her stepsister. As her sister, she should love her, but not that much right? Certainly, a different vibe that includes feelings for a step-sibling, this anime has very similar themes to Domestic Girlfriend

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