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The 13 Best Anime Like Domestic Girlfriend

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Looking for more anime like Domestic Girlfriend? There’s something about forbidden love and coming of age stories that just get to people. For most, they’re a type of guilty pleasure. Domestic Girlfriend is definitely one of those anime series that plays with both genres as we follow the story of Natsuo Fujii and his love for an older woman named Hina. The problem? She’s his teacher. In an attempt to get rid of his feelings, he sleeps with a young girl named Rui, who feels nothing for him. To make things worse, he’s just found out that his father is remarrying, and his stepsisters are both Hina and Rui. Talk about awkward.

Good anime similar to Domestic Girlfriend include series like Gotoubun no HanayomeSchool Days, and Love And Lies, a show about teenagers who are matched romantically by the government. This anime certainly isn’t the first of its kind to play on certain emotions and pivotal periods in a young person’s life. Vote up the best Domestic Girlfriend recommendations on the list below to give other fans of the show an idea of what to watch next!