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The Best Anime Like Dragon Ball Z

Updated 14 Jun 2019 4.8k votes 1.1k voters 43.7k views13 items

Dragon Ball Z is one of the top fighting shounen anime series out there. With its long-running reputation that’s been growing since its previous series, it’s always had a loyal fanbase and immense success following it wherever it goes. The series is certainly long and, if you’ve finished one, you’d have no problem continuing with its various spinoffs.

But, rather than going in and watching the same thing, there’s a variety of anime like Dragon Ball Z and many are equally as good. Anime series that are about epic battles, long journeys, friendship, and getting stronger is what the shounen brand is usually all about. So, we’ve found some of the top anime similar to Dragon Ball Z! Here are 13 you should consider watching.

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