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The Best Anime Like Dragon Ball Z

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Dragon Ball Z is one of the top fighting shounen anime series out there. With its long-running reputation that’s been growing since its previous series, it’s always had a loyal fanbase and immense success following it wherever it goes. The series is certainly long and, if you’ve finished one, you’d have no problem continuing with its various spinoffs.

But, rather than going in and watching the same thing, there’s a variety of anime like Dragon Ball Z and many are equally as good. Anime series that are about epic battles, long journeys, friendship, and getting stronger is what the shounen brand is usually all about. So, we’ve found some of the top anime similar to Dragon Ball Z! Here are 13 you should consider watching.

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  • Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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    Everyone loves characters that are hopelessly optimistic and run head first into danger; that's what makes Goku such a wonderful character in the first place. Hunter x Hunter has much of the same kind of fearlessness that we see in Gon. Gon is determined to be a hunter; a deadly profession that requires him to take an extremely difficult exam with a low success rate. But, he's on a mission to find his lost father and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

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    If you're prepared for a long haul, which you should be if you're caught up on anything from the Dragon Ball series, you should make One Piece your next big adventure! Another classic shounen that features a fun-loving lead and plenty of comedy, it's one of the longest anime and manga series out there. Follow Monkey D. Luffy as he journeys with his crew to become the King of the Pirates! There are plenty of amazing fight scenes, well thought out arcs, and incredible character development.

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    If you loved Dragon Ball Z, you're going to love Naruto. The show features a loud, boisterous lead that loves to get in trouble, so you'll probably see some similar traits between Naruto and Goku. And if that weren't enough, there are plenty of amazing fight scenes, as is part of the appeal to shounen series. Naruto is the host of the horrific Nine Tails beast; his entire village seems to look down on him because of it. But he's determined to be the best ninja he can be! If you love a tale of trial and endurance, this is definitely for you.

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    Fairy Tail is certainly a well-known shounen series out there that appeals to most fans. If you like fantasy-genre anime, action, or even a little bit of romance here and there, it's one you should consider adding to your watch list. Much like Dragon Ball Z, this show has well developed characters and interesting power systems that make the fights worth watching. Lucy is a Celestial Spirit Mage hoping to join the legendary Fairy Tail guild. By chance, she meets Natsu, a fellow magic user that's a little too rambunctious for his own good.

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    One Punch Man

    One Punch Man
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    There are three important things to know about Dragon Ball Z: everyone has huge muscles, they all possess incredible powers, and the fights are insane. Most people who watch this shounen enjoy it because of those exact reasons, so if you'd like another popular show within the same vein, then One Punch Man is your best bet. Much like what the name suggests, Saitama has been training to be a hero for years to the point that he's not only lost his hair, but has also become incredibly overpowered. The show consists of exciting battles with a little bit of comedy sewn in!

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    The Seven Deadly Sins

    The Seven Deadly Sins
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    We love that Dragon Ball Z is a fighting shounen that still has really well thought out characters. If you're looking for something that has more diversity among the personalities as well as a blend of both battle and character-driven plot, you should take a look at The Seven Deadly Sins. Elizabeth is a young princess looking to save her land by recruiting the fabled Seven Deadly Sins and she's finally found one named Meliodas. Together they journey to get the group back together and help her save her kingdom.