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The Best Anime Like Free!

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Free!, also known as the swimming anime, made a huge splash when it first came out in 2013. Since the the first season, which dealt with a group of high school boys struggling to establish a swim club, there have been two more seasons that have seen the protagonists move from aimless high schoolers to college students on the verge of adult careers. It blends the trappings of sports anime with a focus on the bonds between the members of the team and their rivals. It also features plenty of man service. If you enjoyed this offering from Kyoto Animation, you're probably looking for anime similar to Free! 

Though it is in some ways a singular show, there's plenty of anime like Free! out there. Some is similar because of its subject matter, as anime like Dive!! also features the adventures of kids on a swim team. Other examples are a little more abstract; Kimi to Boku doesn't feature a swim team, but it does deal with the relationships between teenage boys. If you like what Free! brings to the table, add some of these recommendations to your to-watch list. If you've seen any of the similar shows below, be sure to vote accordingly so fellow fans know what to watch next.