The Best Anime Like Gangsta

It's a fairly unique anime, but there are plenty of good anime like Gangsta that can satisfy you in the same way that Worick and Nicolas did. Let's take a look at the best Gangsta recommendations that are similar in terms of story, tone, genre, and more. 

Shows like Baccano! and Durarara!! certainly have a similar feel to Gangsta, with a plot that involves countless people who all have their own respective stories that intertwine with each other. While both these shows have more of a supernatural element to them, you're sure to take comfort in the familiarity they provide stylistically as they unfold each part of their overall arc bit by bit. Of course, we also have stories that don't exactly have to deal with incredible powers and tales of immortality, such as Samurai Champloo which takes us back to the past and on a journey to find a samurai smelling of sunflowers. A tale with a heartbreaking origin and exciting mystery, it's one of the many on this list that's sure to entertain you.

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  • A team of mercenaries smuggles goods around Southeast Asia.
  • Jormungand

  • A man returns to his hometown bent on revenge after his family is murdered in a mafia dispute.
  • Hei takes orders from the syndicate in Tokyo.
  • Two fighters team up with a waitress in their hunt for a mysterious samurai.
  • Bounty hunters search for criminals.
  • Michiko & Hatchin is a Japanese animated television series. The show is produced by studio Manglobe and directed by Sayo Yamamoto, her first directorial work. The two eponymous starring roles are ...more
  • Triage X

  • The Quindecim Bar hosts games between the recently deceased that determine the fate of their souls.
  • A fantasy caper involving alchemists, gangsters and immortality is spread over several decades.
  • Dimension W is a 2016 anime series based on the manga series written by Yūji Iwahara. In 2072, the world is powered by energy from Dimension W, a fourth dimensional axis. A bounty hunter named ...more
  • Having survived a ghoul attack, Ken finds himself altered forever.
  • Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell find success and betrayal as members of a crime syndicate.
  • Golgo 13 is a Japanese anime television series written by Hiroshi Kashiwabara and Junichi Iioka directed by Shunji Oga.
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo is a 2011 anime TV series directed by Takashi Watanabe.
  • A young boy gets caught in a psychic war between seven kings after being falsely accused of murder.
  • Monster (Nippon TV, 2004) is a Japanese psychological thriller anime series based on the manga by Naoki Urasawa from Madhouse animation studio. Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese surgeon living in Germany, ...more
  • A 17-year-old gang member witnesses a man dying and tries to find the meaning behind his last words.
  • Berserk (Wowow, 1997) is a Japanese dark fantasy anime series based on the manga series by Kentaro Miura from OLM animation studio. Guts is a skilled swordsman who joins forces with a mercenary group ...more
  • Hunted to near-extinction, wolves disguise themselves as humans and seek a fabled paradise.
  • An ex-soldier, turned into a cyborg, is hired to keep a child safe.
  • Gangs wage a war in an experimental city deep inside the Earth.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (JNN, 2002) is a Japanese action sci-fi mecha anime series from Sunrise animation studio and the 9th installment in the Gundam franchise. Coordinator Kira Yamato becomes ...more