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The Best Anime Like Gantz

Looking for more anime like Gantz? On the darker side of anime there are very specific series that are sure to wrench your gut. Gantz is certainly one of those series, as we follow the story of Kei Kurono whose death has lead him to a horrific game that certainly could be akin to hell itself. If you're a fan of more horror, gore, or thriller elements in your shows, these Gantz recommendations will surely provide you with your next great anime to watch.

Shows like Future Diary or Deadman Wonderland are great Gantz recommendations and have much of the same elements put into play. Main characters are thrown into a horrific situation where it's life or death; at least Kei was already dead, but reliving your demise sounds like a horrible way to spend the afterlife. These characters could probably agree as they fight to survive and witness some of the most traumatic instances never before thought possible. But there is a spectrum to a series like Gantz where characters are often trapped with no way out. Sword Art Online is a great example of a key element being used while not being incredibly violent. 

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