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The 13 Best Anime Like Gintama

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Gin Tama has been airing since 2006, and during that time it's become one of the most popular anime to exist, period. It follows Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura as they take on odd jobs and try to get along with alien lifeforms - and occasionally save the world.

With well over 200 episodes under its belt, fans may not need an anime similar to Gintama for a while - but once they get through its extensive offerings, they may want something new. If you're done with Gintama or want something else fun to watch on the side, these anime like Gin Tama will help. Some shows, like Arakawa Under The Bridge and Osomatsu-san, feature the same zany humor and references to other anime that makes Gintama so great. Other shows, like Getbackers and Noragami, possess one of the Gin Tama's most important plot elements - a team working odd jobs in order to make ends meet. No matter what you liked about this smash hit shonen parody, there's something similar out there that should appeal to you.

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