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The 13 Best Anime Like Gintama

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Gin Tama has been airing since 2006, and during that time it's become one of the most popular anime to exist, period. It follows Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura as they take on odd jobs and try to get along with alien lifeforms - and occasionally save the world.

With well over 200 episodes under its belt, fans may not need an anime similar to Gintama for a while - but once they get through its extensive offerings, they may want something new. If you're done with Gintama or want something else fun to watch on the side, these anime like Gin Tama will help. Some shows, like Arakawa Under The Bridge and Osomatsu-san, feature the same zany humor and references to other anime that makes Gintama so great. Other shows, like Getbackers and Noragami, possess one of the Gin Tama's most important plot elements - a team working odd jobs in order to make ends meet. No matter what you liked about this smash hit shonen parody, there's something similar out there that should appeal to you.

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  • Sket Dance is what you get when you take Gintama and fuse it with the high school slice of life genre. The Sket Brigade, which consists of the super-strong Hime Onizuka, the bespectacled genius Kazuyoshi Usui, and the eccentric leader Yuusuke Fujisaki, are committed to performing odd jobs around their school - but more often than not they're just getting into bizarre shenanigans. This already sounds a lot like Gintama, but the similarities don't end there. In fact, characters from Gintama have actually made crossover appearances in Sket Dance, perhaps owing to the fact that it was created by one of  Hideaki Sorachi's assistants.

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    • Though Gintama is best known for its absurd humor, it does have an underlying story that gets pretty dark - and it's that story that bears similarity to Rurouni Kenshin. Both Gintoki and Kenshin were once formidable warriors who were known not just for their battle prowess but for their sheer ruthlessness. Both of them have resolved to leave their former selves behind as much as possible. Though they'll fight in order to defend others, they generally dedicate themselves to peace, and use weapons that handicap their fighting abilities in order to keep whatever remains of their former selves in check.

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        After Kou Ichinomiya's life is saved by a young woman claiming to be from Venus, he ends up making it up to her by moving in with her underneath a bridge and becoming her boyfriend. There, he meets all kinds of strange people, including a guy claiming to be a Kappa, a yakuza member with a bird head, and a failed musician who is constantly wearing a star mask. Kou is an ordinary man, providing contrast to all the weirdness. His role is similar to Shinpachi's, who often comments on how strange the world around him is. 

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        • School Rumble and Gintama are actually directed by the same person, so it's no wonder they have such a similar feel. Both are parodies that frequently reference other anime and real world pop culture, and both consistently deliver laughs. The main difference is that the genre School Rumble is skewering is high school romance, while Gintama is focused on shonen. In addition to the parody, both shows offer sincere examples of what makes their genres great - School Rumble has real romance, and Gintama has a serious action plot. 

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