The Best Anime Like Girls Bravo

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Adapted from the shōnen manga series by Mario Kaneda, the anime Girls Bravo tells the story of a shy high school boy who suddenly finds himself with romantic problems. If you liked this story, there are a number of other similar anime that are just like Girls Bravo. Let's rank the best recommendations for anime like Girls Bravo, with the help of your votes.

For example, there's To Love-Ru, an anime that like Girls Bravo also centers on a high school boy who finds himself at the center of attention. There's also Nagasarete Airantou and Mayo Chiki! that will remind you of Girls Bravo. You may also want to check out Love Hina, Maria Holic, and Familiar of Zero, which focuses on a mage and her familiar from Earth, Saito Hiraga.

With your votes, you can determine the order in which these anime like Girls Bravo appear. Also, if you happen to see a title missing from the list, please add it and help these Girls Bravo anime recommendations grow!