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The Best Anime Like Grand Blue

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Grand Blue is a really fun anime, so of course you're looking for similar series to check out after finishing it. Everyone has been Iori Kitahara at one point or another; having dreams of living a typical life and soon finding out that things won't go as planned is not exceptionally unique for most people. However, his mishap seems to be just the thing he needs after joining up with his fellow upperclassmen for a dive. A story all about the love of diving, we've found some of the most perfect anime series like Grand Blue that are certainly just as entertaining. 

One obvious choice for anime like Grand Blue is Amanchu!, which has the same love for diving into the depths of the ocean and meeting unlikely friends in the process. A newcomer to a small seaside town, Futaba is obsessed with documenting every portion of her life via photographs. When she meets the strange and unusual diver, Hikari, everything changes, pulling her into the deep blue depths of the ocean; sound familiar? There are also shows that don't have to necessarily do with diving, but still hold similar aspects to Grand Blue. Series like Daily Lives of High School Boys is perfect for the similarity in humor and the cruel jokes youth sometimes plays on us. 

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