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The 13 Best Anime Like Highschool Of The Dead

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Highschool of the Dead is one of those messed up anime series that makes you keep watching out of sheer tension; really, we just want to see who’s going to survive this apocalypse. Filled with your standard attractive girls, there’s a lot of gore and fan service that tends to entertain audiences. However, the show goes a little deeper by involving a lot of messed up plot twists and uncomfortable scenes that would make any viewer’s skin crawl.

If this isn’t your thing, it's understandable. But some people do find this kind of anime enjoyable. So, for those of you looking for the next creepy, or just straight up zombie-filled anime to watch, we’ve got you covered. From fan service to graphic scenes, we’ve found 13 anime series you should watch after you’ve finished High School of the Dead.

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    Issei Hyodo thought that Kuoh Academy was your average school, despite it formerly being only for young women. Normal as that might seem, there is something most regular humans don't know; most of the student body are either angels, fallen angels, or devils. Unknowingly being asked out by a fallen angel, Issei is killed and revived as a demon by a girl named Rias Gremory. Supernatural events happening in high school is one huge reason why you may see this show pop up in your recommendations after finishing Highschool of the Dead

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    Tatsumi and his friends had a simple dream of going to the capital and making money to send back to their village. However, the capital is not at all what it appears. After his friends were brutally tortured and killed by the locals, Tatsumi is the last one alive when the assassin group known as Night Raid arrive. Night Raid is a revolutionary group that intends to overthrow the prime minister and change the poverty plaguing the country. After seeing what the capital had done to his friends, Tatsumi chooses to join. Akame ga KILL! is known for having a lot of horrific themes and scenes, making it a great follow up to some of the stomach-clenching attributes that make Highschool of the Dead what it is. 

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    If you watched Highschool of the Dead for the zombies, consider giving Hellsing a try. The mission of Hellsing is very simple; kill all things undead or otherwise supernatural. Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing is currently in charge of this organization after her father's death. After receiving a tip about a Nazi organization, she and her companions go to scope it out. But is their mission really what it looks like? With plenty of twists, turns and supernatural baddies, you'll love this anime!

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    Angel Beats!

    After realizing he's dead, Otonashi can only remember one thing; his name. Sharing the afterlife with a girl named Yuri, who tells him that she leads the Shinda Sekai Sensen. This battle in the afterlife is waged against another girl named Tenshi. Despite Yuri's harsh words about her, Otonashi finds himself remembering specific things and feeling a sense of belonging to Tenshi. Highschool of the Dead is known for a lot of its horrific plot twists and brutal scenes; Angel Beats! has a very similar vibe to it. 

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