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The Best Anime Like Initial D

Even if you're not that big of an anime fan, Initial D is perfect for anyone who's simply in love with cars. Following the story of Takumi Fujiwara, who's lived his entire life surrounded by cars but never knowing a thing about them, we go on a story all about the power a fast car can hold. With such a great storyline, it's easy to speed through this series, so if you're looking for more fast cars and compelling characters, we've got you covered with these Initial D recommendations. 

What are the best anime like Initial D? Series like Wangan Midnight have everything to do with street racing while shows like Two Car and Capeta show us there's a lot of fast vehicles that aren't just cars; motorcycles and racing carts count too don't they? And if you need a break from the automobile lane, we've got great alternatives that still have plenty of the great story elements you loved from Initial D placed in a new setting. Kuroko's Basketball and Food Wars are both great Initial D recommendations about the spirit of competition and the importance of hobbies, filled with compelling characters that you'll definitely want to follow.

We've picked the perfect recommendations list for anime series like Initial D, so don't forget to vote up your favorites!