The 13 Best Anime Like Inuyasha

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If you’ve been enjoying Inuyasha, you probably want more right? From Blue Exorcist to Yona of the Dawn, let's take a look at the best recommendations for anime like Inuyasha.

There are lots of anime series like Inuyasha to focus half-human/half-demon characters, such as the classic anime series Chrono Crusade. Similarly, these anime series also focus on the unusual partnership between two characters from different worlds, like the celebrated romance Spice and Wolf. Everything you loved about Inuyasha is here and more. 

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  • Like Inuyasha, Yona of the Dawn is another fantasy/romance about a strong female character with a bow. Yona's life as a sheltered princess is forever changed after the sudden murder of her father forces her to abandon the Kingdom of Kouka. Now living among the people, Yona finally sees Kouka as the harsh and corrupt kingdom it truly is. She fights to reclaim the crown with her childhood friend and bodyguard Son Hak.

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    Just like InuyashaNoragami features a human/supernatural relationship. In Noragami, the "Delivery God" Yato dreams of having millions of followers but doesn't even have a single shrine dedicated to him. All seems lost until a human girl named Hiyori Iki, saves his "life" from a fatal car accident. The traumatic incident has caused Hiyori to have constant out-of-body experiences. Now, the two must work together to return Hiyori to normal, while spreading Yato's name across Japan. 

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    Ranma ½
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    Based on the manga by Inuyasha creator Rumiko Takahashi, Ranma ½ features the same comedic charm and art style of the former. Martial artist Ranma Saotome had his entire life changed forever, after falling into the cursed spring of China. Ranma transforms into a girl whenever cold water is splashed on him and reverts back to his masculine self with hot water. Making things more complicated, Ranma is arranged to be married to a skilled female martial artist named Akane, who is notorious for hating men. 

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    Two junior-high students, Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo, are transported to a fantasy world based on ancient China by a mysterious book called "The Universe of The Four Gods." After being assigned the role of the priestess of Suzaku, Miaka must unite the seven Celestial Warriors of the god Suzaku in order to summon him for three wishes. However, Yui is tricked by the enemy nation of the god Seiryuu to become the priestess of Seiryuu. Now, these former friends are competing against each other to summon their respective gods. 

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  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
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    There are two sides to Rikuo Nura. One is his normal middle school self, however, at night, he transforms into a full-fledged yokai. With yokai blood flowing within him, Rikuo must decide if he wants to live out a normal life, or follow his grandpa's lead and become the new head of the Nura Clan. Regardless of what path he chooses, Rikuo is determined to help those in need. 

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    Rin-ne is about high school life and the supernatural. Ever since a mysterious incident from her childhood, Sakura Mamiya has been able to see ghosts. At school, the empty desk that sat next to her has been filled by a strange boy named Rinne Rokudou, who is part human/shinigami. With Rinne's help, Sakura's eyes will become open to the supernatural world around her. 

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