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The Best Anime Like Kanokon

In Kanokon, a first-year high school student moves to the big city from his rural upbringing and immediately becomes the center of attention of a pair of competitive classmates, one who happens to be a fox spirit. For other anime like Kanokon that may fall into the genres of supernatural, romantic comedy, and harem, there are a number to choose from. This list ranks the best anime similar to Kanokon, with the order determined by your votes.

For example, in Onamori Himari, a boy meets a cat spirit who vows to protect him. Still other anime like Kanokon include To Love-Ru and Inukami!. If you like these stories like Kanokon, then you may also like Rosario + Vampire, Ladies Versus Butlers!, and Venus to Maroru!.

By voting up or down these anime like Kanokon, you can help fellow anime fans decide on what to watch next. Also, if you happen to notice any anime similar to Kanokon missing from the list, please add them and help the Kanokon anime recommendations grow!