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The 13 Best Anime Like Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

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Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is one of the best anime of the Winter 2020 season. Midori Asakusa has one desire in life: to create an anime like the ones that captivated her as a child. Everything she experiences is filtered through this desire, and she finally gets her chance when it's time to start high school and join school clubs. Unfortunately, the anime club is more focused on watching anime than making it. Luckily for her, her friend, the fiercely practical Sayaka Kanamori is there to give her the kick in the pants she needs to start her own club. With fellow member and character designer Tsubame Misuzaki on their side, they have the team they need - but do they have the resources? Eizouken follows their adventures as they try their best to get the job done. 

Some anime like Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken also follow their characters' creative endeavors - Shirobako is also all about making anime, just in a more professional setting, while Bakuman focuses on making manga. Other shows don't really focus on creative work, but have similarly fantastical art styles: Tekkon Kinkreet and Windy Tales are great examples of this. 

Which Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken anime recommendations do you like the best? Help out your fellow fans and vote up the ones you think they should watch next.

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    Shirobako is probably the best known example of a series that's about the people who make anime, which makes it a must-watch for any Eizouken fan. The series follows four college friends who try and make careers for themselves in various parts of the anime industry, ranging from animation to production to voice acting. They have to take on the same pressures and responsabilities that the Eizouken girls do, just at a much more extreme, professional level. Basically, Shirobako is what the cast of Eizouken can expect if they continue on the same creative path post high school.

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    The Pet Girl of Sakura Hall has some fanservicey window dressing that Eizouken is pretty strict about staying away from, but at their core the two shows have a lot in common. Both are about pursuing your artistic goals in spite of obstacles. In Sakura Hall, a group of high school students who have been largely rejected by their classmates all attempt to launch their individual art careers. It isn't easy - they get rejected from the colleges they apply to, fail to find motivation, and struggle with self-confidence and skill building.

    Sometimes, they even work together, like when they create a video game called Nyapollan to debut at their school festival. Their enthusiasm and dedication for complicated art forms is a lot like what the Eizouken girls display, even if the two shows have different looks. 

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    Laid-Back Camp is a show about a group of girls who love to go camping during the winter. While their activtity of choice is different from that of the Eizoken girls, they are every bit as enthusiastic about it as they are. Viewers not only get to witness the characters' unbridled joy, they also get to learn about the specifics of their activity.

    Watching Eizoken will teach you a lot you didn't already know about the ins and outs of creating and anime, while Laid-Back Camp will do the same thing for the outdoor lifestyle. (Also, because the Eizoken girls spend the beginning of the series in a rundown shed that's full of holes, they get a taste of 'nature' too.) 

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    Just out of animation school and working at her first job in the anime industry, Mikiko "Kuromi" Oguro finds herself being unexpectedly promoted to Head of Production when the person originally occupying the position kicks the bucket. With absolutely no idea what she's doing, she has to figure out how to manage her employees and work together to create an anime they can all be proud of. If this sounds similar to what the Eizouken cast is trying to accomplish, that's because it is.

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