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The Best Anime Like Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Want more anime like Kiki's Delivery Service? As a classic Hayao Miyazaki movie, Kiki's Delivery Service has touched the hearts of many anime fans. After all, who hasn't heard of this charismatic witch and her famous red bow? It's too bad this was never a full series with a plethora of episodes to go through; we're sure there are plenty of fans out there who would have binged watched that if given the opportunity. But if you're still in a witchy mood, we have plenty of series and anime movies that are similar to Kiki's Delivery Service, so hopefully you'll find some great recs below!

Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade is another movie about witches learning how to use their magic and Flying Witch holds the same tradition of a young girl going to live on her own in order to earn her right of passage to become a fully fledged witch. Both series will seem familiar whether because it has to do with magic or because of the antics all these young girls get into. And, if you're not really ready to move on from Ghibli classics, there are tons of great movies you can watch and re-watch; movies like Ponyo or My Neighbor Totoro are all a part of the great Ghibli classics that made us fall in love with the studio in the first place. 

Here are the best recommendations for anime like Kiki's Delivery Service, including both series and films. Let us know what magical choices are your favorites by voting up them up.