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The Best Anime Like KonoSuba

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Need to find more anime like KonoSuba? After dying a laughable death, Kazuma Satou has been given a chance to be reborn in another world by the goddess Aqua. After choosing her as his companion, however, he realizes he may have made a mistake; she's not exactly useful. Dying might suck, but being transported to another world certainly wouldn't! If you're looking for new worlds to explore, we have just the list for you with recommendations for anime like KonoSuba that will show you all the potential worlds out there.

For KonoSuba recommendations, No Game No Life is one of the first series that comes to mind. A brother-sister team, Sora and Shiro, have been transported to a new world by the God of Games, Tet. In this new realm, everything is settled by games; from bargains to wars, there's not a single thing that can't be won with a good strategy or pure luck. And if games aren't your thing, consider In Another World with My Smartphone, a series who's main character also gets reincarnated after a brutal, and unexpected, death. Anime seems to be pretty fond of the idea of different worlds, so there's an abundance of anime series like KonoSuba that we're sure you'll enjoy. 

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