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The Best Anime Like Kuroko's Basketball

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There are a lot of great anime like Kuroko's Basketball, so let's rank them! After all, who doesn't love an enduring series about a sport, rivalry, and the wonderful bond formed between teammates? Kuroko's Basketball is certainly one of those series that shows just how intense sportsmanship can be, and how important it is to work hard, never letting go of your goals.

Many Kuroko's Basketball recommendations are basketball-related, but not all of them. Series like Slam Dunk are great follow-ups if you're looking for more basketball, but there are also other titles that provide a different sport to look at. Popular anime such as Free! and Haikyuu!! show just how intense sports like swimming and volleyball can be. There's always a lot of drama, but there's also a lot of emotional moments as we see just how much these activities mean to the characters. Sometimes it's not even about being the best; sometimes, you just want to be your best.

If you're looking for a little inspiration, here are the best Kuroko's Basketball recommendations. Vote up the anime most similar to Kuroko's Basketball you'd want other fans to check out!