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The Best Anime Like Last Exile

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For anyone looking for more anime like the adventurous Last Exile, there are a number of titles to choose from. This list ranks the best anime that's similar to Last Exile in concept, theme, and setting, with the order determined by votes from anime fans like you. Praised for its animation, Last Exile has gained fans for its artwork, as well as its story. It is one of Gonzo's most acclaimed series.

Eureka Seven, like Last Exile, is set in the skies with a teenager who dreams of becoming a pilot with the Gekkostate. Other recommednations for anime like Last Exile include Fractale and the Hayao Miyazaki classic Castle in the Sky. More anime that centers on adventure with a steampunk or dieselpunk style include The Pilot's Love Song and Code Geass and the underwater Blue Submarine No. 6.

By voting up (or voting down) these anime titles like Last Exile, you can help fellow anime fans find the real gems of the genre. And if you happen to see an anime similar to Last Exile that's currently missing, feel free to add it yourself and help the list grow!

Photo: Gonzo