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Getting stuck in your favorite video game can go either two ways; it can either suck or be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. If anime is a guide for how to navigate such a strange situation, it looks like it might be a happier affair.

Log Horizon is a great anime that fits this very specific sub-genre of anime. Lucky for fans of this show, it’s not the only one like it. There are plenty of anime characters that have either been transported into the world of their games or have been brought to new worlds entirely. Sword Art Online, Overlord, and Accel World are just a few examples. If you’re ready to go on an exciting journey, exploring new worlds never seen like this before, we have a gift for you! Much like Log Horizon, these 13 anime series have characters that are going on adventures through video game universes or new worlds altogether.

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    The popular virtual reality game, Yggdrasil, is finally going offline. Ever the loyal player, Momonga has decided to spend the final moments of the game in his guild's keep; all the members may be gone, but he has stayed faithful to its reputation. When the clock strikes midnight, the game should be shut off, and this time for good. However, the dock seems to have disappeared! In fact, the world outside seems entirely different and the NPCs seem to have come alive. Now Momonga is trapped in a new world that seems to have elements of his favorite game while hosting characters not originally alive. This series is incredibly popular, and with good reason. If you need a mystery with video game elements and a little humor, this is a perfect addition to your watch list.

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  • Bell Cranel has big dreams of becoming the greatest adventurer in the land. However, he's not off to the best start since his familia only consists of him and his goddess, Hestia. Venturing into the Dungeon in order to brave the monsters that fill the catacombs beneath the city. Here, adventures not only earn their pay but also gain immense status. Bell has the chance to become a hero and achieve his dream if he works hard enough, or a chance encounter changes everything. While this isn't a video game anime, it's certainly a good show that follows a fantasy-themed setting with elements gamers will love. The humor in it is also a great plus if you need a few laughs!

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    The NEET siblings, Sora and Shiro, have found life to be incredibly boring. With gaming being their only solace, their dismay comes when they realize there is no longer a true challenge in even their hobby. When a mysterious e-mail appears with an invitation to play a game of chess, the two are a little confused. Little do they know that the God of Games, Tet, is on the other end and hoping to invite them to a much bigger game. Transported to a new world where all conflict is resolved in games, Shiro and Sora seem to have finally found their calling; to defeat Tet and become the new gods of this world. 

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  • Looking for something that's just completely ridiculous and all around meant for comedy? How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is an anime series that will definitely provide all the laughs you could ever want. Sakamoto Takuma was one of the most powerful players in his favorite MMORPG, gaining him the name Demon Lord. However, this may not have worked out in his favor when two girls summon him into the game in order to make a devil their slave. The spell has backfired and now, not only is Sakamoto stuck in the game as a demon-like figure, but the girls are also accidentally placed as his slaves. With the theme of being stuck in a game or game-like world, this is a great follow up to Log Horizon even if you only need a few laughs!

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  • A group of strangers has been thrust into a world they don't know; their memories are hazy and they can only seem to remember their names. The only job they can get is to be a soldier in the Reserve Army and defend the world of Grimgar from evil. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. This world has a fine line between life and death, and these strangers must learn how to work together in order to walk it. This is, by far, a darker anime than Log Horizon, but it does have some of the same themes and is certainly worth the watch.

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  • If you've been watching anime for a while, there's no way you don't know what Sword Art Online is. This anime series is one of the most popular video game-themed series out there. Video game gear has taken things to the next level by creating "NerveGear", which allows the user to experience the virtual world as though they were there. Kazuto Kirigaya, named Kirito online, is one of the many players that log into Sword Art Online for its new release. Suddenly, players begin to realize that there's no way to log out. If you try to take off your gear or die in the game, you'll die in real life. Now the players must find a way to escape. Much like Log Horizon, this popular anime has everything to do with getting trapped in a video game world and finding out the reason why. 

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