The Best Anime Like My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime to appear in recent years, but there are only so many episodes. Fans of the superhero series may find themselves wanting more of the same. Not to worry, because there are plenty of anime similar to My Hero Academia out there to choose from.

Some anime like My Hero Academia feature similar settings; Tiger & Bunny is a great example of a show that also focuses on the ins and outs of being a professional superhero. Other series don't focus on superheroes, but feature schools that are training the protagonists in other unique career paths. In Little Witch Academia, the protagonists are training to become witches instead. Still, others feature a protagonist with similar personalities and priorities. Onoda Sakamichi and Izuku Midoriya not only have the same voice actor, they're both nervous, enthusiastic kids who turn out to be surprisingly skilled. 

No matter what part of My Hero Academia appeals to you, there's something else with the same feel out there.


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    If you liked My Hero Academia's underdog story, you might like Black Clover. Asta's personality is pretty different from Midoriya's, but they do have one important thing in common: both start off lacking the one thing that they absolutely must have in order to achieve their goal, but gain that thing through unexpected means.

    Midoriya lacks a quirk—the in-series name for superpowers—but after a fateful encounter with his idol, All Might, he gets the powers he needs to become a hero. Asta has no magical abilities, but desperately wants to be the Wizard King—but he's granted some exceptional powers later on. 

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    One-Punch Man
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    One-Punch Man is a parody of the superhero genre, while My Hero Academia is a bit more genre-faithful, but they nevertheless have a lot in common. Both of them focus heavily on the bureaucratic process involved in becoming a superhero, though it's way more involved and difficult in MHA. In One Punch Man, it's more like getting a driver's license, while in My Hero Academia it's more like getting a professional degree. Regardless, both protagonists must struggle with complex bureaucracies that don't always seem fair or make sense—and both have to take down plenty of villains.

  • Assassination Classroom
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    This great anime is about a group of kids with seemingly no hope of achieving anything, whose lives are turned around by a teacher who challenges them to eliminate him before he destroys the planet. The process of learning not only improves the class' confidence, but also brings them closer together and builds a wide variety of skill sets. 

    Though the teachers at U.A. High School aren't threatening to destroy the world, they do ask their students to go through rigorous, often violent training regimens, which cement their bonds with each other and build their confidence and abilities. 

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    Masashi Kishimoto, the manga artist behind Naruto, once called My Hero Academia "the next Naruto." Given the success and renown of Naruto, this is high praise indeed—and it's pretty accurate. Both series feature a down-on-his-luck young protagonist with sky-high goals, who must work hard to become stronger and protect the people around him.

    There are plenty of other character parallels as well. Aizawa, class 1-A's homeroom teacher, feels like the spiritual successor to Naruto's jounin instructor, Kakashi while another teacher, Present Mic, has a similar personality to Might Guy. Katsuki Bakugo, the moody rival and childhood friend who often requires Midoriya's help, is comparable to Sasuke Uchiha, who plays the same role for Naruto. 

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    Though tonally different, Charlotte and My Hero Academia share many common themes. Both universes feature a high school that caters to the needs of teenagers with superpowers. The casts have a wide variety of abilities that they must figure out how to use safely and effectively. What's more, both shows feature kids in dark and dangerous situations that should probably be handled by adults, and aren't afraid to deal with the grittier aspects of a super-powered existence.

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    Soul Eater is another anime that takes place in a magical school, and focuses on its students learning to use unique magical abilities, which they'll need in order to take on villainous foes. While Soul Eater gets a little more absurd than My Hero Academia does, they both dabble in comedy. The animation is by Studio Bones, a studio known for their clear and fluid style.