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The Best Anime Like My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime to appear in recent years, but there are only so many episodes. Fans of the superhero series may find themselves wanting more of the same. Not to worry, because there are plenty of anime similar to My Hero Academia out there to choose from.

Some anime like My Hero Academia feature similar settings; Tiger & Bunny is a great example of a show that also focuses on the ins and outs of being a professional superhero. Other series don't focus on superheroes, but feature schools that are training the protagonists in other unique career paths. In Little Witch Academiathe protagonists are training to become witches instead. Still, others feature a protagonist with similar personalities and priorities. Onoda Sakamichi and Izuku Midoriya not only have the same voice actor, they're both nervous, enthusiastic kids who turn out to be surprisingly skilled. 

No matter what part of My Hero Academia appeals to you, there's something else with the same feel out there.