The Best Anime Like Nana

Need some Nana anime recommendations? Since it's such an influential series, let's rank the best anime like Nana, with the help of your votes. These are anime that are similar to Nana in terms of tone, genre, characters, and more.

What would happen if you fatefully met someone with the same given name as you? Created by Ai Yazawa, that's exactly what Nana is about. If you liked the slice of life aspect of Nana and the especially the music, you should check out Beck. Also known as Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, this anime follows a young teenager who dreams of playing in a rock and roll band. Other good anime recommendations for fans of Nana are Peach GirlWe Were There, and Paradise Kiss, a series with the same producer that has similar elements of drama and suspense.

What should you watch after finishing Nana? Find some great picks on the list below, and don't forget to vote up the anime you'd recommend to other Nana fans.