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The Best Anime Like No Game No Life

Need some No Game No Life anime recommendations for what to watch next? No Game No Life follows a brother and sister duo named Sora and Shiro as they conquer the world of Disboard with their incredible strategic skills. How did they get these skills? Originally from earth, they  once were too anxious and awkward to manage life outside their bedroom, and coped with their fear by becoming nearly undefeatable gamers. On Earth, their skills were useless outside of the gaming world, but in Disboard, everything is determined through gaming - which means that Sora and Shiro quickly rise through the ranks of society. This inventive plot is paired with splashy, vibrant art that will captivate even the pickiest viewers. 

If you loved this show,  you might be looking for anime that's similar to No Game No Life. There are no shortage of series about characters being transported to game-based worlds and showing off their specialized skills - Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? come to mind. Other anime like No Game No Life that don't involve video games specifically, but still show off the protagonist's strategic chops - if you're into strategy over gaming, check out Code Geass, One Outs, or Kakegurui. 

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