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The Best Anime Like Noragami

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Just finished binge-watching Noragami and need a new anime like Noragami to watch? Then you need to see these anime that are similar to Noragami. Noragami follows Yato the delivery god as he tries to gain enough followers to become a more powerful deity. As he takes on odd jobs to earn the love of the people, he must also help Hiyori, a young human girl who was separated from her body, return to normal. Meanwhile he must deal with perpetual threats from ayakashi (spirits) to his own horrific past.

This supernatural show was one of the best anime from the Winter 2014 season, so it's hard to imagine that anything could quite match the experience. Still, there's a lot of awesome anime like Noragami out there that's worthy of your attention. Which shows you should watch depends on what it was you liked about Noragami. If you appreciated its expert blending of the supernatural anime with slice of life themes, you might want to check out Beyond the Boundary. If what drew you to Noragami was watching likable protagonists with villainous backstories do menial labor, The Devil Is A Part-Timer might be your next new favorite.

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  • When high school student Nanami Momozono ends up homeless due to her deadbeat dad's poor financial decisions, she ends up taking refuge in a dilapidated shrine - but she quickly finds that what she's been offered is more than just a home - she's supposed to act as the goddess who protects that shrine. She reluctantly takes the job, and then finds herself growing closer and closer to the shrine's fox familiar, Tomoe. Nanami's journey to understand the spiritual world has a lot in common with Hiyori's as she learns about Yato and the other gods, and becomes involved with their doings herself.

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  • Bungou Stray Dogs is a fantasy action anime that focuses on a detective agency in which each member has a supernatural ability that's connected in some way to the literary figure that they're named for. The protagonist, Atsushi, joins the organization after being kicked out of an orphanage.

    Noragami also features a character who doesn't have a home - Yato often sleeps in the park while he tries to make enough money to buy himself a shrine. Besides that thematic similarity the two series are action-packed fantasy thrill rides with plenty of allusions to well-known outside sources - in Bungou Stray Dogs' case, it's literature, while in Noragami's case, it's Japanese mythology. Both series will educate you about Japanese culture while keeping you invested in the story.

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      If you enjoyed watching the god of calamity scrub toilets for spare change, you might also enjoy watching the devil toil away at the anime version of McDonalds. Both shows put formerly formidable villains in silly situations that make them feel relatable and human. Besides humor, both shows feature the complexities of magical politics, and a little bit of romance on the side.   

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        Both Inuyasha and Noragami tell the story of a human girl who is embroiled in the goings-on of a variety of demons and supernatural creatures. Much of the story revolves around her coming to understand and identify with the magical world. The two male protagonists also share some important traits - both are social outcasts with dark pasts who crave acceptance and love above all else. Inuyasha is a much longer show than Noragami, and its romantic elements are more pronounced, but both series have a fantastical feel and boast similar themes. 

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