The Best Anime Like Omamori Himari

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Also known as OmaHima, Omamori Himari follows Yuto Amakawa, who one day meets a cat spirit who vows to protect him from threatening monsters. Adapted from Milan Matra's manga series, OmaHima falls into the categories of action, harem, and supernatural. Looking for anime recommendations for series similar to Omamori Himari? This list ranks the best anime like OmaHima, with the order determined by your votes.

To start, there's the anime Rosario + Vampire, High School DxD, and Cat Planet Cuties, a story about cat-eared Eris whom human Kio Kakazu must protect. Still more anime that are similar to Omamori Himari include Nyan Koi!, Heaven's Lost Property, and Witchcraft Works.

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