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The Best Anime Like One Outs

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Gambling, baseball, and mounds of excitement, One Outs is a thrilling series that combines each of these elements into a perfect story about an unexpected turn of events for the notorious gambler Toua Tokuchi, who's incredible baseball skills may be able to save Hiromichi Kojima's failing baseball team. With such a unique storyline, it may be hard to find series that can come close to comparing, but we've got the perfect list of recommendations for anime series just like One Outs. 

Sports anime shows like The Prince of Tennis or Ace of Diamond will always be great for the simple fact that they include games with high stakes, but we can take it even a step further. Consider series like Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler that portrays the same kind of gambling Toua seems to always be getting himself into in One Outs. This show may have nothing to do with sports, but everything to do with putting it all on the line with nothing but pure luck to support it. 

The thrill shows like these give is enough to make anyone continue watching, so if you have a craving, then this list is for you. Vote up your favorite recommendations for anime series like One Outs