The Best Anime Like One Piece

One Piece is a classic anime filled with pirates, adventure, and friendship; there’s literally no way you can turn that down! A lot of people find the length of the series to be a bit overwhelming, which is understandable. There’s currently over 800 episodes in the anime with 900 chapters still going strong in the manga. That seems like an insane amount, but if you've been diligently binge-watching for the last year, it seems like child’s play.

Even if you aren't caught up, you might find yourself longing for some new anime similar to One Piece. Have no fear, because there are plenty of binge-worthy shows that have everything from pirates to long-standing adventures you’re going to want to get in on. Here are 13 anime like One Piece that you should be watching!


  • One Piece has always been great when it comes to a good challenge—especially a good fight! Another show that certainly has this element is Hunter x Hunter. To be a hunter is a huge privilege and you need to take the Hunter Exam in order to pass. The only catch? There's an extremely low success rate and it's pretty dangerous. Gon Freecss is out to become a Hunter so he can find his missing father.

  • Black Clover
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    If you love Luffy's ever resilient personality, you should consider giving Black Clover a chance! Asta has set his goal just as high as Luffy; he wants to be the Wizard King (which is only slightly different from the Pirate King). The only issue is that Asta seems to have no magical aptitude, which makes his journey all the more enticing. 

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    If you love shounen characters that love being absolutely ridiculous and yet strangely likable, Naruto is another classic you could start watching today with plenty of content! A horrific beast, named the Nine-Tails, is sealed inside the body of a young boy named Naruto. His ambitions to be a great ninja, and even the Hokage of his village, will not waver despite how much he's looked down upon. Much like Luffy, he's loud, ridiculous, and he never gives up. 

  • My Hero Academia
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    A shounen anime about young kids training to be superheroes should already draw you in, but if you'd like a show that admires determination to be the best, My Hero Academia might just be for you. Young Izuku Midoriya seems to have been born with no quirk, super powers of his own and yet, he is determined to be the greatest hero out there! 

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    Fairy Tail has a lot in common with One Piece - even if there aren't really any pirates. Following the story of the Celestial Spirit Mage Lucy Heartfilia, we find all the themes of adventure and friendship woven throughout the story. It's set in a fantasy-type world where magic is abundant, so if you love this genre, you'll be excited to binge it! 

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    If you're a big fan of Zoro because of his sword fighting skills, you might actually want to watch Bleach. This is mainly because both shows have a grumpy character that carries around a unique sword, or swords, and holds mass amounts of power. Ichigo Kurosaki finds himself being a substitute reaper for Rukia Kuchiki; an injured reaper who cannot continue her duties. Ichigo is not your average hero, but we find him saving the day—even if it is a little begrudgingly.