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The Best Anime Like Only Yesterday

Updated 21 Mar 2019 18 votes 6 voters25 items

Moving away from your family to start a new life is always a stressful option; you never really know what you're missing until it's no longer in front of you. When Taeko Okajima leaves her life in the city to visit her brother-in-law, she realizes just how much nostalgia has been packed away in the years she's been gone. Questioning her life choices, her time spent away from the city makes her rethink everything. 

Slice-of-life series like this always do the heart well; they're so sweet and simple, being something that most people can relate to on some level. Classic tales like My Neighbor Totoro or series like Poco's Udon World are all series that have a similar feel to them. Acknowledging change, remembering family and growing fond of what we have while recognizing what we want are all elements these series play on heavily.

We've brought together a list of anime like Only Yesterday to bring you back home once again. Let us know which recommendations were you favorite by voting them up! 

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