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The Best Anime Like Oreimo

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No one really enjoys stumbling upon your sibling's more personal items, but it looks like that couldn't exactly be avoided in Kyousuke's case. After finding his seemingly perfect sister's collection of adult games, her reputation is at stake, which throws him into the world of eroge gaming. A humorous series about siblings, this series has a strange way of making your sides ache from laughter.

If you're looking for more series like this, we've got you covered with plenty of recommendations for Oreimo. Shows that portray flawed, but adorable, young women like Haganai are a perfect place to start; a club for misfits is formed after they realize that barely any of them have one real friend to their name. There are also series like WataMote that seem to get a little too real about what it's like living the otaku life. Find out if you have anything in common with these characters by adding these titles to your watch list! 

If you're ready for comedy, check out our list of anime like Oreimo and vote up to let us know which ones were your favorite.